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It is with regret that we have to announce that the Maritime Reptile Zoo has officially closed its doors. As many of you know, the zoo has experienced financial difficulties over the last year due to tremendous expenses associated with running a large facility. This winter has been overbearingly harsh on local businesses and, like many others, has left us unable to recover.

Please know that all animals are alive and well and we will still continue to provide educational outreach services through in-home birthday parties, school presentations, and interactive sessions for any other type of event. There will be no disruptions or cancellations for any out-of-zoo bookings.

There are a number of other zoos and facilities in Nova Scotia and Ontario that will be taking in the large animals and surplus rescues that have remained in our care. Our Curator, Mike, will personally be leaving on Friday morning to transport the animals to ensure they all arrive safely at their respective locations.There is a rumour going around that the NS Government has seized our animals and shut us down and that is absolutely not the case. The NS Department of Natural Resources, the SPCA, and all other Government agencies have been extremely supportive of the zoo and its programs right from day 1 and continue to show their support in assisting us during this difficult transition. Another part of the rumour is that you can visit the zoo and go home with a free animals, and again that is absolutely false! As stated, ALL animals not remaining in our care have found appropriate placements at other facilities.

We would like to thank all of our customers, fans, and zoo members for all of your love and support over the last 2 years. Special thanks to DREAM inc., NS Department of Natural Resources, Indian River Reptile Zoo, Little Ray's Reptile Zoo, Oaklawn Farm Zoo, and Grant Crossman of CanHerp for all of your assistance over the last week.

We look forward to continuing to help educate and entertain the public about these prehistoric and very misunderstood animals, and we look forward to continuing to assist the Province to finding a solution with regards to the number of unwanted and illegal exotic animals in Nova Scotia.

Your memberships will still entitle you to your discount for all birthday party packages and outreach services until your expiry date.