Outreach Services
Our outreach program carries full liability insurance, and has acquired all necessary permits to keep and show the prohibited species that are used in our shows and/or displays. We do not engage in unsafe practices such as unsupervised interaction with animals or putting snakes around anyone's neck, and our alligator always has her mouth secured shut to prevent accidents.. 
With experienced handlers on board at all times, readily available hand sanitizing stations, and selectively chosen animals, we guarantee the safety of everyone involved. 

Maritime Reptile Zoo can cater to almost any type of event in Nova Scotia and the other Maritime provinces, no matter how big or small. The following are the services that we have currently available. 
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Are you hosting a large event and you're looking for an interactive reptile exhibit? Allow us to bring in a tortoise, a lizard, a large snake, and an alligator for some hands-on interactive presentations. Don't worry, we won't hog the spotlight! For events of this format we offer 30-minute presentations every hour, followed by 15-minutes of interaction for the audience so your guests can get the full experience as they continue to mingle throughout all of your activity stations.
Perfect for any school or corporate event, fair, festival, or exhibition.  

Maritime Reptile Zoo is a firm believer that early exposure to animals is the best and most efficient way to nip fear in the bud. Myths, television and movies, mimicking behaviours of their peers, and most importantly a lack of education can sometimes create very real and sometimes debilitating fears in children.  Studies have shown that children are more motivated to learn with a hands-on educational approach. We provide a one-hour presentation to help young children learn about reptiles in a fun and interactive way!

Invite some scaly friends to join your youth organization for an hour of interactive learning and entertainment as we study the natural behaviours, habitats, and eating habits of a number of different cold-blooded species. Ask us about our special rates for events for your non-profit organization. 


Whether you're looking for some animals to include in your photography or modeling portfolio, or to have a photo booth set up at your event, we have a couple of different options for you to choose from. We can rent out the use of our animals for your photo shoots or we can set up a photo booth in which people are invited to have their pictures taken with a reptile. You have the option to use your own equipment or we can use ours. Contact us for more details.

Our reptile wrangling services can be provided on TV and movie sets, and in commercials. We also can rent out our animals if you wish to include them in your production. 

** Travelling fees will be charged for events outside of the HRM.