"We just left the zoo after having our son Logan's birthday party there. What an incredible experience it was. All the kids loved it and had a great time. It was fun, exciting, and educational all wrapped up in one. Mike was amazing with the animals, both reptilian and human! Thank you so much for making this an incredible time for the kids, especially our birthday boy. We will highly recommend the zoo to everyone!"
Dave and Erin

"Today we had a birthday party for our 8 year old son, and 11 other 8 year old boys attended.   I just wanted to say that our tour guide was fantastic, and everything else was great too.  I really liked that the staff take the lead and literally run a portion of the party for you.  Our pizza arrived just minutes before it was time to eat (perfect timing).   The 2.5 hours was so filled with entertainment and information that it just flew by.  I would recommend these parties to anyone not only for the reptiles but the staff were completely organized and for me that is really important.  Thank you once again."
Tabatha Cromwell

"Today my son and I attended a reptile show put on by you guys and it was fantastic! I think I was more excited than my son which is strange because before today I have been terribly afraid of snakes. The way Lindsay and Mike handled and treated them with such love and care really showed me that they obviously aren't as scary as I thought AND I even managed to help hold a python without fear! Go team me! haha. I want to thank you guys SO much for putting on a great show, providing very interesting information and helping me move passed that fear I had. I will definitely be recommending your business and my family and I will definitely be stopping by to visit our new friends! :)"
Amelia Morrison
Clayton Park, Nova Scotia

"I wanted to say how amazing the reptile birthday party was that we had for our son! Being that he was turning 9 I was finding it harder and harder to have a "cool" party, and because he had invited some of the younger siblings of the other kids I was worried that they would feel left out, but I was wrong. Not only did everyone get to touch almost everything that was presented, they also go to hold a huge albino python named "Tiny" together. The kids got to ask questions about anything and everything. Lindsay and Mike were both amazing with all the children, and best of all, it was very educational, teaching the children while they had fun! The children that attended and the parents (who most of them didn't leave because they were excited too) had a blast with all of them saying that this was "the best birthday party they had been to ever". Thanks again for the amazing experience, and we look forward to booking another party next year!"

Ashley Murphy
Bedford, Nova Scotia